Summer School

Summer School for 11+ Student studying for their GL examination (Age Group – Year 5)
As part of the final runup to the 11Plus Trafford examination this 11 plus Summer School tailored to promote enthusiasm, participant involvement and efficiency in completing question.

We’ll delve into some of the most complex concepts, encompassing topics across Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning (VR), and Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR).
There will be many question papers, the objective being to seek out the most challenging questions and topics. This will provide an opportunity to illustrate the reasoning processes to enable students to tackle the problems swiftly and correctly.

Any mock examinations that are taken will have a detailed feedback report emailed to parents within 3/4 days.

Children can bring a small snack, drink and their pencil case. All other material is provided.

Timings – Mon-Friday, Week Commencing 29 July 2024:
email for further details,

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