Our Objective is to Deliver Success

Build enthusiasm, competitiveness and a bright future

At Tutor Central, we are committed to your child’s success in the 11+ exams. Here’s why we are your ideal partner in this journey:

  • Expertly Designed Programs: Our bespoke resources and programs are tailored to guide both parents and students through the stressful 11+ journey, starting from Year 3. We provide relevant guidance and milestones for timely development.

  • Habit Formation and Motivation: In this competitive space, we go beyond academic preparation. We focus on building beneficial habits and developing motivation in students.

  • One-to-One and Classroom Teaching: Our teaching methods cater to individual learning styles. We offer one-to-one sessions for personalized attention and classroom sessions for a more interactive learning experience.

  • Track Progress Over Time: Our key performance indicators (KPIs) allow us to track and measure a student’s progress and development over time, ensuring that we are always moving forward.

  • Mock Examinations: We provide mock examinations that allow students to test themselves against their peers, building confidence and improving test-taking skills.

  • Holistic Success: Our success is measured not just by the number of students who pass the entrance examinations but also by how students develop while studying on our programs.

Join us today and let’s navigate the 11+ journey together!