About Us

Our established programmes and resources are designed to empower parents and students through the 11+ journey for Trafford Grammar Schools. We all know too well this is a very stressful period, very often starting from Year 3. Our role is to provide the relevant guidance and milestones to aid the students timely development. Often the more difficult components is to build habits and develop motivation. This is a very competitive space and our success has been developed through open and honest collaboration. As a part of this we do provide a bespoke timetable helping to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

Our teaching is based on one to one and classroom based sessions. Our KPIs help to track and measure a students progress and development over time. Furthermore our assessments include students testing themselves against their cohorts by taking our Mock Examinations.

Our success is not only measured against the number of students who pass the entrance examinations but how students develop whilst studying on our programmes.